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We fill up balloons with paint and use a 3 person slingshot to launch colorful paint balloons through a screen exploding onto the canvas in unique formations creating one of a kind modern abstract “flow” art. (some companies have requested decals of their logo that peel away to reveal their brand underneath the splatter art. Very Cool for office spaces!)

Small at $149 - 18 x 24in.  
     Best for groups between ~2-8

Big Medium at $499 - 40 x 50in.
     Best for groups between ~2-15

Crazy Huge at $799 - 50 x 72in.
      Best for groups between ~2-40

*For the Big medium and crazy huge canvas we need at least 24 hours notice to make them.


BYOA // Bring Your Own Apparel 
Bring in denim jeans, jean jackets, converse, sweatshirts, t-shirts etc. We use paintbrushes to drip, drizzle and splatter the paint in a fun, fresh and exciting fashion.

$39 (this option is per item) 
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Bring Your Own Apparel 
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