What does it include?
All experiences include, paint supplies, paint suits, gloves, goggles, boots, materials, and instruction from one of our professional splatter paint artists.

How long does it take for the Experience?
1 to 4 People..........30 minutes
4 to 10 People........45-60 minutes
10 + People ............60-90 minutes

Are kids welcome?
Definitely! Our space is kid and family friendly. We have little paint suits available too! This space is fantastic for kids to get messy, tap into their creativity, and walk away with their own custom artworks. 

Will I get paint on me? 
We provide full body paint suits, gloves and boots. These paint suits fit over your clothes.  There is still a small chance you can still get paint on your clothes but it rarely happens.

How do you dry the items?
We use quick drying heaters, some items might take 20 minutes while other items take a few hours to dry. For items that take longer, you're welcome to pick them up the next day. 

What kind of items or materials are the best for BYOA? 
The items and materials that have the most success are cotton and denim. For example, denim jeans, converse, jean jackets,      t-shirts, backpacks, etc.

What is your event pricing?
For group sizes under 14 people are charged by the item per person. For groups of 15 or more please email us at: hello@funkfactorysb.com.

Splatter Painting
How it Works...
1. Put on a paint suit, boots, goggles and gloves.
2. Choose your blank canvas or apparel.
3. Pick out your color palette.
 4. Have fun creating your own one-of-a-kind artworks and apparel. 

Watch the video to see it in action! >>>

"If you're looking for something unique, fun and truly unlike anything else for a team outing - the Funk Factory is it. We had a blast suiting up and flinging paint together, and now have a canvas we each contributed to hanging in our shared working space to remind us of the great team building/bonding experience that day. The folks at Funk Factory make the event very memorable and we're already looking forward to doing it again."     

                                                                         - N. Cooper, Senior Product Manager

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